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We are a doctor only clinic that specialises in skin treatments every day. Our clinic is India’s first ever clinic with the pioneering concept of a single clinic equipped for both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. The philosophy at Health Street is governed by the value of providing clients with everything they need, under one roof, and placing their requirements above all.

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Plastic Surgeon

"It has been challenging and exciting starting a new clinic, our team strives together to give our patients the best care possible. I would recommend anyone to work here because we all have the same goal in mind, whether we are direct staff or not, which is quality care for all."

Plastic Surgeon

"The comradery with fellow staff is wonderful and so heartfelt, as in the beginning we all worked together to make Health Street a place that patients felt good about coming to. There are new challenges to face daily so it keeps us on our toes, but that is also what keeps is exciting."

Plastic Surgeon

"I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given and enjoy every part of my job. I am also dedicated to insure our patient have a great familiarity with our policies, procedures and requirements. Together, we aim at providing a top notch cosmetic service to our clients."